Drop #4 Sticker Pack


Drop #4 Sticker Pack


No messing around.

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In stock


In stock

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Got some serious sticker bombing to do? This pack gets you all the new drop items…

  • 1x Gold AK
  • 1x Black AK
  • 1x 7.62×39 Magazine
  • 1x Don’t Kalashnicough On Me
  • 1x Desert Eagle
  • 1x Damascus Knife
  • 1x CAMTONE: Tigerstripe
  • 1x CAMTONE: Multicam
  • 1x CAMTONE: Brushstroke


A mixture of sizes and finishes, glossy, matte, matte soft touch. Permanent adhesive. See individual products for more information.

Metallic AK StickerGlock StickerBrushed Aluminium Slide Glock Sticker

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