War Face Full Metal Jacket Sticker Pack + targets


War Face Full Metal Jacket Sticker Pack + targets


Let me see your war face!

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We’ve got a new sticker pack to appease all you war movie-loving folk, inspired by Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, voted for by our Instagram followers a while back (make sure you follow us on IG to help influence new products).

This pack gets you…..

  • 2x 7.62 domed epoxy stickers
  • 1x matte war face fig.11 sticker
  • 1x satin holographic fifteen dollars sticker
  • 1x matte war face fig.12 sticker
  • 1x matte this is ___ rifle sticker
  • 4x A5 double sided fig.11/fig.12 targets

The stickers are premium quality with permanent adhesive, laminations vary between them.

The targets are 160gsm thick to suit both the shooting and airsoft communities.

I Wanted Zombies CoVid StickerFIG.11 Target Full Metal Jacket Sticker

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Not Sam’s and Chuck’s though, they like their privacy.


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